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January 27, 2014: Concert on InDTV

For those who missed the concert, you can catch in on INDTV Starting today, Monday Jan 27.

>See schedule

December 27. Fremont Bulletin Cover story

Check out today's edition of the Fremont Bulletin - cover story on Bayanihan Typhoon Relief Concert

December 25. Merry Christmas and THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the performers, volunteers, sponsors, community supporters and attendees for making this event a Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 22. Selling Songs of Letye

The best short foreign documentary film of 2004 at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, "Selling Songs of Leyte" will be shown at tonight's event. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the filmaker , Eli Africa.

December 12. Peace Boat Update in the Philippines

Providing Kitchen Starter Kits to 600 Affected Households on Biliran Island, Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) devastated the Philippines when it made landfall in early November, taking over 5,700 lives as it ripped through the middle of the country.

Over 1,700 people are still missing as the Government of the Philippines, the United Nations and a range of NGOs provide relief for affected communities through the distribution of food, medical supplies and other emergency goods.

Despite these efforts, the scale of the damage is so vast that many areas are still not receiving adequate assistance, leaving thousands of survivors in need. READ THE FULL UPDATE

December 10 Planning Meeting

Working out the last minute details over a fabulous dinner prepared by Vicky and her husband at our planning meeting. Thank you Vicky!

December 6 Fifteen Days 'til Bayanihan
Seventeen days 'til Christmas, but only fifteen day's 'til Bayanihan. Get your tickets now as a present to yourself, and a present to the thousands of victims in the Philippines. >TICKETS

December 4 Update from Peace Boat
An update from Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center, who is helping out in the Philippines, Dec 4th: "...we are partnering with PDRRN (People's Disaster Risk Reduction Network), a local partner with Church World Service Asia-Pacific. We will be helping to sort and distribute kitchen starter kits (pots, pans and kitchen utensils, etc.) to affected communities in Biliran Island, which is a small province connected to Leyte Island by a bridge. Biliran Island has received some aid from the government but has largely been neglected by INGOs and so there is a major need for assistance in the area, made up of 132 barangays (villages/towns) - there are currently 112,528 affected people living on the island with 5544 houses completely destroyed (16,552 partially destroyed).

December 3 New Artist
Acclaimed violinist, Karen Shinozaki Sor has just joined the lineup of musicians for the Bayanihan Typhoon Relief Concert

November 28 Happy Thanksgiving
We are proud to announce two additional musicians to the roster. Adelle-Akiko Kearns will be performing on cello and Elizabeth Prior will be joining us on the violin. Have a great Thanksgiving and keep thinking about those in need.

November 26

Benefit Album featuring songs by Adele, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Beyonce, Eminem, Kings of Leon and many more, this benefit complilation offers songs of compassion and hope from some of the biggest names in usic. All proceeds go to the Philippine Red Cross to aid the relief efforts for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). itunes

November 24
Kate Gillis, nurse from the San Francisco Bay Area will be inTacloban/Samar to help with the relief effort between Thanksgiving and December 17th. She will be speaking at our event about her personal experiences there.

November 21
Robin Lewis of Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center sends an update of activities from the Cebu Island area. Peace Boat has shared photos of their activites for us to use for out concert. Thank you Robin. (read more)

November 20
Richard Andaya, renown cellist added to the performing roster. (artists)

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